we need your help – in many ways

We really need your help these days! It?s been 2 days since we have last seen a shark! Sea people know that these things can happen but? it had never happened in our 5 years in this bay. We obviously don?t know why the sharks have disappeared: they may have moved somewhere else, or may simply swim in the deeper part of the bay where we can?t see them. This fact should not worry us too much, ?surely? the sharks will be back tomorrow; but this gives us opportunity to talk about a fact that emerges talking to the fishermen or to those who live on or by the sea: sightings and captures of sharks have dramatically declined everywhere in the world.
Every one of us should take some action: this is why we would like to invite you to sign the petition promoted by PADI?s Project AWARE for the protection of sharks (www.projectaware.org). It is very important to raise the awareness on the fact that sharks are disappearing ? it is important that people in the tops positions realize this situation, and implement managing and protection measures for sharks. Some things have already been done: both the white sharks (Carcharodon carcharias) and the basking shark (Cetorhinus maximus) have been listed in the Appendix appendice II of CITES. CITES is the international convention on trade in endangered species of flora and fauna, signed in Washington in 1973. It aims to regulate the trade in a way that balances commerce and the environmental needs, so a sto prevent the extinction of several species
In the mediterranean sea we also have the Protocol for the Specially Protected Areas in the Barcellona Convention that protects 90 marine species, includine the white shark, the basking shark and the manta Mobula mobular.
Another small thing that all of us can do to help saveing sharks is NOT to buy teeth, jaws and/or other sharks parts (and also other animals, like shells): buying such things promotes the killing of these animals.


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